The “Lucky Seven” Strategy

Lucky 7

When it comes to strategies for gambling games like roulette and crash games, the “Lucky Seven” stands out as both intriguing and versatile. This guide will explain the strategy in detail and offer insights on how to maximize your winnings.

What is the “Lucky Seven” Strategy?

The “Lucky Seven” strategy offers a balanced approach to betting that doesn’t require a large bankroll. Instead, you only need enough money in your account for 24 bets. The strategy focuses on a simple principle: when you win, increase the subsequent bet by half of the previous bet. The end goal is to win seven times consecutively.

How it Works in Roulette

In roulette, you start by selecting a betting option that offers reasonable payouts while still providing good winning odds. Typically, focusing on color bets is a safe starting point. Begin with a base bet, say $1. If you win, the next bet becomes $1.50 (1 + 1/2). If you win again, you continue to add half of the previous bet to the next bet. In case you lose, revert to your initial bet. The target is to reach seven consecutive wins.

Application in Crash Games like “Spaceman”

In crash games like “Spaceman,” it’s advisable to choose a multiplier of 1.2x. For instance, if your initial bet is $1 and you lose, keep the bet the same. If you win, your next bet will be $1.50 (1 + 1/2). If you win again, continue the pattern of adding half of the previous bet amount to the next one. If you lose, go back to the initial $1 bet. Aim for seven wins in a row.

Real-life Example in “Spaceman”

Here’s how this strategy played out in a series of bets:

โ„–Bet (1.2x)Win / LossProfit

Advantages and Limitations of Lucky Seven


  • Minimal bankroll requirements.
  • Easy to understand and implement.
  • Suitable for both crash games and roulette.


  • It can be challenging to achieve seven consecutive wins, especially with higher multipliers.
  • The strategy’s effectiveness diminishes during a losing streak.

Where to Try “Lucky Seven”

You can test out the “Lucky Seven” strategy in online casinos like LTC Casino, which offers an RTP of 97%. No country restrictions, you can deposit using cryptocurrency.

By adhering to the principles of the “Lucky Seven” strategy, both novice and veteran gamblers can optimize their gaming experience for higher chances of success.


The “Lucky Seven” strategy is a balanced betting system suitable for players who are cautious but still aim for substantial wins. Whether you’re a fan of roulette or love to engage in crash games like “Spaceman,” this strategy could be your road to success.

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