Multiplier Chase Strategy

This betting strategy, aptly named the “Multiplier Chase Strategy,” is designed for online casino crash games. It operates on a set of parameters you define to automate your betting decisions.

Strategy Overview

  1. Base Bet: Your starting wager amount.
  2. Chasing Multiplier: The target multiplier you aim to hit before cashing out.
  3. Games to Wait: The number of games you wait without hitting your target multiplier before placing a bet.
  4. Bet Adjustment: Your bet amount is either multiplied or increased by a fixed amount after a set number of games.
  5. Stop Conditions: The script stops either when your bet reaches a maximum limit or when your negative profit exceeds a certain threshold.

Script for Crash Game BC.Game and Nanogames

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Learn how to add and use BC.Game scripts
How to add and use BC.Game scripts

Strategy Explanation

Multiplier chase strategy for crash game - configuration screen

You wait for a certain number of games (as defined by “Games to Wait”) where the target multiplier isn’t hit. Once this threshold is reached, you start betting with your base bet amount. After each set of games (defined by “Modify bet every x games”), you either multiply or increase your bet by a fixed amount, depending on your configuration. Your betting continues until either the maximum bet is reached or your losses exceed the set limit.

Pros and Cons


  1. Disciplined Approach: You follow a set pattern, reducing the risk of emotional or impulsive betting.
  2. Targeted Multiplier: By chasing a specific multiplier, you aim for higher wins, balancing out the waiting period and potential losses.
  3. Adaptive Betting: Adjusting your bet amount can potentially increase returns during a winning streak.


  1. High-Risk Strategy: Chasing multipliers can be risky, especially if the multiplier is set high.
  2. Potential for Large Losses: Increasing your bet amount after losses can lead to significant financial risks, especially in a losing streak.
  3. Dependence on Luck: Despite the strategy, crash games are largely unpredictable, and long losing streaks can happen.


The “Multiplier Chase Strategy” is ideal for you if you enjoy a planned approach and are ready to embrace the exciting risks of crash games. This strategy gives you a clear set of rules for your betting, making the game more structured and enjoyable.

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