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With its outstanding performance, Need for X, developed by Onlyplay, has gained a reputation as a highly acclaimed slot game. With an impressive average hit ratio of 75.11%, it stands out as one of the top choices in the category of medium Volatility games.

Game ProviderONLYPLAY
Return to Player (RTP)95.0%
Buy Bonus FeatureNO
Play for freeYES
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  1. Whatโ€™s the point of the Need for X game
  2. Need for X Onlyplay game algorithm
  3. How to play Need for X?
  4. Sites where you can play the game Need for X
  5. Need for X Game Strategies
  6. Need for X Game Tricks
  7. Play Need for X game in demo mode
  8. Pictures and screenshots of winnings
  9. Conclusion
  10. Need for X questions and answers

Whatโ€™s the point of the Need for X game

This thrilling multiplayer game takes you into the world of street racing, featuring two lanes of one-way traffic filled with mystery boxes that constantly appear. Drive your car and navigate the lanes as you encounter these boxes, which can either explode and end the game round or grant you a multiplier. Engage in real-time gameplay, joining fellow players to observe their strategies and outcomes firsthand.

Need for X gameplay
Need for X gameplay

Your avatar, an orange car, can be controlled by clicking the TURN LEFT or TURN RIGHT buttons to change lanes. Stay attentive to the bar showcasing your nickname and number, as it corresponds to the location of your car.

To start a game round, set your bet value and click on the BET button. Take advantage of auto mode with Auto Bet and Auto Take options, where bets and winnings can be automatically processed. Explore bonuses, multiplier combinations, and the thrill of taking the Win by clicking on the TAKE button. In Need for X, there are no fixed paylines, and payouts are automatically calculated. Alongside these features, the game offers customizable avatars, diverse game settings, and the ability to view your own and other players’ results.

Need for X Onlyplay game algorithm

The Need for X game algorithm follows these steps:

  1. Players place their bets and start the game round by clicking on the BET button.
  2. As the game commences, the player’s avatar, depicted as an orange car, randomly appears on one of the lanes.
  3. Mystery boxes continuously appear on the road in both lanes throughout the game round.
  4. Players have the ability to change lanes by clicking on the TURN LEFT or TURN RIGHT buttons.
  5. When a player’s car encounters a mystery box on the lane it is currently in:
    • If the box explodes, the game round ends, and the player loses their bet.
    • If the box grants a multiplier, the game round continues, and the player’s multiplier increases.
  6. Players can encounter multiple boxes during a single game round, and the multipliers granted by these boxes are multiplied together.
  7. To take their winnings, players click on the TAKE button, and the payout is calculated by multiplying the player’s bet by the accumulated multiplier.
  8. In this game, paylines are not present, and the payout is automatically granted upon clicking the TAKE button.
  9. Players can utilize auto mode for both betting and taking the win, allowing for automated gameplay without manual interaction.

How to play Need for X?

To play Need for X, simply follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Game: Start Need for X and acquaint yourself with the game interface.
  2. Place a Bet: Set your desired bet value using the “+” and “-” buttons or choose from preset bet options like MAX or MIN. Each game round requires a bet.
  3. Initiate the Game Round: Click on the BET button to start the game round after setting your bet value.
Need for X betting panel
Need for X Betting Panel

Your avatar, represented by an orange car, will appear on a randomly assigned lane. Observe other cars on the road, their lane changes, and the appearance of mystery boxes without starting your own game round.

Utilize the TURN LEFT or TURN RIGHT buttons to maneuver your car and switch between lanes strategically. This enables you to tactically approach boxes while avoiding those that may explode.

As you drive, your car may come across mystery boxes on your lane. When your car reaches a box, two possible outcomes occur:

The box explodes, concluding the game round and causing the loss of your bet.

The box grants a multiplier, which is added to your current multiplier for potential winnings.

If you come across multiple boxes in a game round, the multipliers awarded by each box are multiplied together. Pay close attention to your multiplier, as it determines the potential winnings.

Once you are content with the accumulated multiplier, click on the TAKE button to secure your winnings. The amount you win is calculated by multiplying your initial bet by the current multiplier coefficient showcased on the game screen.

Activate Auto Bet and Auto Take functions if you prefer automated gameplay. Auto Bet places bets automatically for each game round, while Auto Take claims your winnings when the desired multiplier coefficient appears on the screen.

Discover exciting features within the game, such as accessing your own game results through MY BETS or exploring the outcomes of other players through ALL BETS or the LEADERBOARD. Note that participating in the game implies your consent to display your nickname, winnings, bet value, and multiplier on the screen.

Sites where you can play the game Need for X

Enjoy the popular game Need for X at multiple online casinos. When selecting a platform to play, it is crucial to prioritize your safety and security. We highly recommend playing on trusted and reputable platforms, especially those that offer 100% anonymity and accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. This ensures a secure and transparent gaming experience while protecting you from potential scammers.

To offer you a trustworthy choice, our team of experts has conducted personal tests and verification of LTC Casino. This platform has received positive reviews and is known for its honesty and reliability. By playing on LTC Casino, you can enjoy the exciting Need for X game while having the convenience of depositing funds using cryptocurrency.

Please remember to always exercise caution and choose reputable platforms when engaging in online gaming. By prioritizing your safety, you can fully enjoy the Need for X game and have peace of mind during your gaming sessions.

Need for X Game Strategies

The Martingale strategy is a well-known betting system employed by players in games of chance. However, it’s important to note that the Martingale strategy is not specific to the Need for X game and may not guarantee winning results. Let’s explore how the Martingale strategy can be implemented in Need for X:

  1. Start by determining your initial bet amount. For instance, consider an initial bet of $1.
  2. Place your initial bet on a game round in Need for X.
  3. If you win the game round, take your winnings and start again with the initial bet amount.

In the Martingale strategy, if you lose a game round, you double your bet amount for the next round. This doubling continues after each loss until you win a game round. Once you achieve a win, you collect your winnings and begin again with the initial bet amount. You can repeat this process as long as you desire to employ the Martingale strategy.

Need for X Game Tricks

  1. Utilize Demo Mode: Make the most of the demo mode to practice the game, grasp its mechanics, experiment with various strategies, and gain a comprehensive understanding of its workings before engaging with real money.
  2. Effectively Manage Your Bankroll: Establish a budget for your gameplay and adhere to it strictly. It is crucial to avoid chasing losses and refrain from placing bets that exceed your comfortable risk tolerance. Responsible bankroll management is crucial for an enjoyable gaming experience without financial strain.
  3. Observe Game Patterns: Pay attention to the behavior of the mystery boxes and their placement on the lanes. While the game outcome is based on chance, observing patterns may help you make more informed decisions about when to change lanes or take certain risks.
  4. Timing Holds Significance: In the game, timing holds a pivotal role. Take into account the timing of lane changes, encounters with mystery boxes, and cashing out. Achieving the ideal equilibrium between risk and reward is of utmost importance.
  5. Experiment with Strategies: Explore different betting strategies to find one that suits your style of play. Different players may adopt varying approaches, with some favoring a conservative strategy while others embrace higher risks. Remember that strategies cannot guarantee wins, but they can add an element of personalization to your gameplay.
  6. Stay within your boundaries: Resist the temptation to be carried away by the thrill and make impulsive choices. Define personal limits for both time and money allocated to the game, and stick to them diligently.
  7. Have Fun: Enjoy the game for its entertainment value and the thrill it offers. Keep in mind that gambling is intended for entertainment purposes, and the outcome of winning or losing is an inherent aspect of the overall experience. Maintain a positive attitude and approach the game with a sense of enjoyment.

Play Need for X game in demo mode

In demo mode, you can play the Need for X game for free without using real money. Demo mode offers a chance to delve into the game, grasp its mechanics, and hone your skills without any financial stakes. Typically, you are provided with virtual credits to use during the demo session, enabling you to play and savor the game without the worry of losing real money. Demo mode is a great option for beginners to familiarize themselves with the game before playing with real funds.

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Pictures and screenshots of winnings


Need for X is an exciting online game that offers a unique street racing experience. With its multiplayer functionality and the presence of mystery boxes, the game provides an engaging gameplay environment. Players enjoy the freedom to switch lanes and come across different boxes, which can either explode and terminate the round or provide multipliers, elevating their winning prospects. The game also offers customization features, including avatars and profiles, allowing players to add a personal touch to their gameplay experience. Need for X can be played in both demo mode, allowing risk-free practice, and real money mode, providing the thrill of potential winnings. Whether you’re new to the game and eager to learn or an experienced player in search of a gratifying gaming experience, Need for X caters to both with its wide array of features and strategies, ensuring an enjoyable and engaging time for all.

Need for X questions and answers

What is Need for X?

Need for X is an online game that combines street racing elements with multiplayer gameplay and mystery boxes.

How does the Need for X game round work?

In the game round, players drive a car and can change lanes freely. Mystery boxes appear on the road, and when encountered, they either explode, ending the round, or grant multipliers.

Can multiple players participate in the game simultaneously?

Yes, Need for X is a multiplayer game that allows several players to play at the same time.

What determines the appearance of the boxes on the road?

Boxes appear constantly on the road, regardless of whether a player has made a bet. Players can observe other cars on the road and witness their interactions with the boxes.

How long does a game round last?

The game round starts when a player places a bet and their avatar (an orange car) appears on a randomly determined lane. The round continues until the player takes their bet or their car encounters an exploding box.

Are there any customization options in the game?

Yes, players have a game profile with a randomly generated number and avatar. They can access their profile window to view statistics, change their nickname, and avatar.

Is there a demo mode available for Need for X?

Yes, players can enjoy the game in demo mode, which allows risk-free practice without using real money.

How can players maximize their winnings?

Players can aim to encounter boxes with multipliers and strategically change lanes to avoid exploding boxes. Additionally, the use of betting strategies like the Martingale strategy may be considered.

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